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Death Note Challenge

Day 1: Your favorite Death Note character.
Hmm… probably Mello or Matt. I like L, Matsuda and Sayu, too.

Day 2: Are you on L or Kira’s side? Or are you neutral?

Day 3: Do you love or hate Misa?
like Misa. I love her outfit, though!

Day 4: Which did you see/read first: the manga, anime, or movies?
The manga.

Day 5: Do you like Near or Mello more?
Definitely Mello.

Day 6: Do you prefer toys, sweets, or apples?

Day 7: How old were you when you started liking Death Note?
Eleven or twelve.

Day 8: Favorite part in Death Note.
Pretty much any part with Mello or Matt, and L and Light’s tennis game.

Day 9: Least favorite part in Death Note.
L’s death.

Day 10: Your favorite picture of your favorite Death Note character.

Day 11: Favorite Death Note quote.
"I’ll take a potato chip… and eat it!”

Day 12: Favorite Shinigami.

Day 13: Do you read Death Note fanfic?
I’ve read a few in the past.

Day 14: If you could change something about Death Note, what would it be?
I’d make L survive.

Day 15: Least favorite Death Note character.
Hm… Near, maybe.

Day 16: Have you read Death Note: Another Note?

Day 17: Have you read Death Note Vol. 13?

Day 18: How did you learn Death Note existed?
One of my friends owned the manga, and she lent the first book to me.

Day 19: Do you know the name of the author?

Day 20: Do you know the name of the illustrator?

Day 21: The Death Note character you are most like.
Probably Matsuda.

Day 22: Your favorite Kira [Light, Misa, or Higuchi]

Day 23: Epic chip scene: funny or annoying?

Day 24: Did you like the ending of Death Note?
No. |:

Day 25: What would you choose as your fake name if you were hiding from Kira?
Charlie. Simple, and it doesn’t grab attention.

Day 26: Would you want a Death Note?
Yes, I suppose.

Day 27: Would you have quit the NPA to help L?

Day 28: Do you prefer comfy or fancy clothes?

Day 29: Do you own the regular, black edition, or both versions of Death Note?
Black edition.

Day 30: Do you have any Death Note posters/jewelry/merchandise?
I doubt it.

Sherlock 30 Day Challenge (probably all in one day lol) 

Day 07 — A Sherlock photo that makes you go :D 

I cannot even fucking put into words how much I screamed when I first saw this part of the episode. Like holllllyyy shiiiiitttttttt 

Before I sat down to watch the episode, I said to my mum, “All I want is for none of my favourite characters to die, and for Moriarty to come back. Damn, I miss Moriarty.”



Sherlock 30 Day Challenge (probably all in one day lol)

Day 04 —- Your favourite quote

"Staying alive. It’s so boring, isn’t it? It’s just… staying. All my life, I’ve been searching for distractions. You were the best distraction. And now I don’t even have you, because I’ve beaten you. I’ve beaten you. And you know what? It was easy."
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